Victor Mongelos &
Denysa Ferreira

Direct from Buenos Aires, Argentina: Victor and Denisa began their dancing careers at a very young age. As time passed, the love and passion they share for dance blossomed even more and they decided to turn professional. They met in 2008 and now, as a dance and life couple, they continue along their path together. They regularly perform at the finest dinner shows in Argentina, with well respected singers and orchestras. In 2010 they start to performing on the best cruise lines all around the world.

Show 1: From the traditional way to dance to the modern style of dance, they delight their audiences with the most sensual dance in the world, Tango.

Show 2: will wow you with syncopated rhythms of the Gaucho step, exciting percussion and Boleadoras, inspired by the Gauchos tradition.

Esteban Domenichini &
Melody Celatti

Tango Cervila brings Esteban Domenichini and Melody Celati direct from Buenos Aires, Argentina to star “Tango Revue” and “When Tango meet Rock”. They were principal dancers of "Tanguera” in Amsterdam, London (Saddlers Wells), Munich, Paris (Theatre du Chateler) among others.

Show 1: Traditional Tango show that talks about the meeting of two people through different waltzes, tangos and milonga. With a closing of our native music and dance, Argentine folklore.

Show 2: This show tells a story of a theatre backstage worker that loves tango that falls in love with a rock star in her dressing room.  The fusion of two successful styles for its popularity. Tango and Rock have given rise to this show.

Brasil Samba Show.jpg
Patrick Carvalho

Junior Cervila is an international dancer  known as the Gene Kelly of Latin dance by New York Newspapers. Patrick Carvalho is in charge of putting together the samba choreography. Patrick is one of the best choreographer of Rio’s Carnival winner of many prizes and in charge of Samba Schools with more than 3000 people.

The best samba dancers from the Carnival, together in this local show showing the diversity of Brazilian culture with gafieira samba (partner dance), capoeira (slaves way of fight) and mulatas (the sculptured bodies of the afrobrazilian dancers).

Junior Cervila &
Guadalupe Garcia

Tango Cervila brings the best of Buenos Aires in this local show with singers and dancers that brings all the passion of this sensual dance: TANGO. 

-CERVILA  presents
FURIA GAUCHA (local Show)
Nestor Trapito Gude

Cervila brings Furia Gaucho with the principal dancer Nestor Trapito Gude (the best gaucho boleadora in Argentina).