Schedule 2020

Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia


March 14th to 21st - CITA , Buenos Aires
March 24th to April 8th - Los Angeles (CA)
April 9th to 12th - ATUSA , San Francisco (CA)
April 13th to 23rd - Los Angeles (CA)
April 24th to 27th - Hudson Valley Tango Festival (NY)
April 28th to May 31st - New York City
June 1st to 11th - Sarasota (FL)
June 12th to 16th - New York City
June 17th to 22nd - Boston (MA)
June 23rd to 30th - TBC
July 1st to 6th - Windy Tango Festival , Chicago (IL)
July 7th to 14th - Sarasota (FL)
July 15th to August 31st - Buenos Aires